Watercolor Vinyl Designing Supplies


I get asked this so much lately
"What do I need to make my own watercolor vinyl pattern"?

 It's so simple and really you can't go wrong with watercolor. It will look good cut into a design, you don't need any art skills, and it's simple!

You basically just need 3 things and you can find them all on Amazon.

Paper, Watercolor set, and watercolor brush.

If you are only going to make one and be done I wouldn't go all out. Just get one cheapo little paintbrush from Michaels/Hobby Lobby etc, and a cheap paint set and watercolor pad of paper.

If you want to make a few though (it's addicting and relaxing so you probably will) I would recommend getting the following:

Watercolor Pan Set
My main one I use is Prima Marketing Classics

Prima Marketing has a LOT of different watercolor sets. You may find you like the colors in another set more that's up to you. I just wanted basics since I had nothing to start with.

Next I got this set of paint brushes for a variety of sizes

Lastly, you need watercolor paper. It's important to make sure it's for watercolor otherwise it won't hold up. 
This is the one I use


That is all!! Get these 3 items or something similar and you can easily make yourself a watercolor vinyl pattern.
I'll do another post later this week or next weekend on tips for making it.

If you don't follow me from Instagram and don't know this you can have your own custom designs printed on adhesive and heat transfer vinyl from Sparkleberry Ink.


Happy New Year {2018}


2017 flew by and I have some mixed feelings about it. Some people said it was a great year & some people hated it. I guess I'm in the gray area. On one hand it was great. I found a new crafty handful of people once I purchased my Cameo and joined some groups so that is great. However, I ended up having to close down my fabric shop which I still can't think too much about because it is still painful to think of that loss/failure.

I am trying to do my best and move on. I purchased a planner for this year and would love to open up a little shop doing something I'm just not sure what yet. 

I know I am going to try and blog at least once a week but hopefully more. :)
I'm starting out good on day 1 so let's see how it goes.

My font for Happy New Year above came from this bundle.

Bdefad31b6712ea583636fd063357c2674851671.jpgThe new January bundle is out now from The Hungry JPEG and is pretty awesome! It has some really amazing graphics which I've had in my wishlist for quite some time and my most latest favorite font.
Make sure and use the code for 20% off 
It only lasts for a couple of days so act fast!!


My next post will be later this week. I am going to show how EASY it is to create a watercolor custom vinyl. It's so simple people really, and the results are amazing. Most people really love the watercolor decals and it's great if you can do this to customize the colors for your customers needs. 
Hope this is your best year ever!

HappyhalloweenfredI made a cute little decal today for our fall party drink bucket.
The font is FREE for a limited time so you should snag it asap (I'll link below)


I got the pumpkin from The Hungry JPEG but did have to edit out some of the little swirls and lines to make it easier to weed.

I'll post the finished bucket when we make it since it's at my moms house.

*Font Fredly and FREE! 
*Pumpkin graphic from this pack Halloween Party Characters
*Vinyl Messy Studio



Font Addict Featuring Creative Fabrica

I admit I am a font addict. I have a handful of websites I go to every week and scope out the latest and greatest additions.
A new to me site is Creative Fabrica.

They have dollar deals that go out every week which is amazing. There's a limited amount of a few fonts that are only a dollar with commercial licenses included. Once the limited amount is gone it goes back to regular price.

My 2 current favorites are Jealous and Elegans


So go to this page now and snag you some cute fonts!!

Cricut Maker

-~574327I'm having serious wants over the new Cricut Maker. The little rotary blade for fabric sealed the deal and I want to leave Silhouette for it. I was going to get it yesterday from HSN but it was already sold out. :( I emailed HSN and they didn't know when/if they would restock it so I'm kind of bummed out. I know I could just charge it but I'm really trying to not do that anytime I just want something so looks like I'll be trying to open a shop of sorts to pay for this machine.
There has been a lot of giveaways online lately but I haven't been lucky enough yet. Somehow I WILL get that machine by 2018 I have been pretty good at hustling when I'm desperate.
Does anyone have any tips on starting a shop? :)