Wonderland Fabric and a Quilt With No Name.....yet

Hey friends!

Sorry I've been behind on my QAL postings but a quilt idea has been taking up every free moment I have.
I only have the rows left to sew and hopefully will finish this top today!!!

I can't wait to share this quilt and hope it turns out as awesome as I am imagining it.

In the meantime, in celebration of the 4th of July we're offering free U.S. shipping in our Etsy shop.

I'm thinking of putting some pre-orders up for Katarina Roccella's Wonderland collection for Art Gallery.

Pre-orders make me nervous because if something is back-ordered I don't want people mad at me that they have to wait on their fabric. =/

What do you think?

Photo 5-15-15, 16 49 15Photo used with permission via Katarina's blog

Farm Girl Fridays Week 4

ImageYes, I've succumbed to another quilt a long..you know because I barely can keep up with the 2 I'm already in...
You may ask yourself if you follow me here what happened to the first 3 weeks?
Well, I'm starting on week 4, and I'm lucky I even got to start since the fabric line I wanted to use isn't out until August.
Oh so wonderful April was kind enough to send me some Meadowbloom to get me through some blocks though so here I am!
11241729_691290724310906_1800745295_nIsn't it beautiful????
I have some jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles on order which I'll put in the shop in August when they arrive.


The blocks this week were
Churn Dash


Cool Threads


I do plan to go back and do the past blocks sometime it's just easier to stay motivated when I'm on the same blocks as everyone else. :)

I highly recommend the Farm Girl Vintage book these blocks are fun!

You can keep up with the quilt a long on Lori's blog. She's been posting fun variations and ideas for the blocks each week.

If you're in this quilt a long please let me know! I'd love to see your blocks. :)


The Lovely Hunt


Lizzy House does it again.
Just when I think Natural History can't be topped The Lovely Hunt images are released and I think it's an equally awesome line...maybe a little more but I'm partial to unicorns.

Here's a few of the prints below from the dist. site.

If you're like me and will forget in a few months about it you can reserve your bundle from Brenna now. :)
I can't wait til this bundle arrives on my doorstep!