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Linda R

I love to sew anything for my new granddaughter! Thanks so much for a chance to win this wonderful fat quarter bundle!!

May Chappell

I love to make quilts!!


I love making quilts!


I love to sew jackets. Weird, I know! Thank you.


I love making quilts, but also bags and pencil cases. Thanks for the giveaway.


I love making bags! thank you for the giveaway! kelleyetg (at) gmail (dot) com


I love sewing stuffed toys.

Christine Sherman

Quilts! Awesome prize!!!


Thanks for the giveaway!


I love sewing quilts!


I love sewing quilts. It's where I started, and I've only recently started sewing other things! :)

Sue Staum

I love sewing bags! But how many do you really need? That lead me to quilting and quilted bags. :-)
Thanks for a chance to win!


My favorite thing to sew is special clothes for my kids. My son, who is slightly delayed in fine motor skills, gets pants without buttons, and shirts in crazy patterns. My daughter refuses to wear pants, so she gets dresses and skirts in double layered flannel for winter.


Cute fabrics! I've seen her stationary, but not the fabric line. I like making clothes for my girls. Their little faces light up every time I show them something I've made for them. Appreciation makes the process more fun!


I like to sew quilts, but I would love to start sewing some clothes for my son.

Chris C.

Oh, gorgeous fabrics! I love sewing purses and clothes for friends' kids. I'd love to get into quilting, though!

Judy Hudgins

right now it is quilts. but that could change at a moments notice.


Love those fabrics!!
I love sewing for my daughter and nieces, dresses, skirts, toys, costumes! I also quilt a lot!
Thanks for the giveaway


I love sewing quilts! They are addictive.


I love sewing clothes for my daughters, and I'm learning to quilt.


I love to make quilts!


I love making quilts, but I've recently become addicted to making cushions!!

Jo -- patchaday [at] gmail [dot] com

dawn - mi rincón de mariposas

I love to sew clothes, specially baby and children ones, but lately I'm also sewing for myself. Thanks for the giveaway!

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