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Top 5 -FONTS 1

First of all Happy 4th of July everyone in America!
I shared this on Instagram because I always get asked what fonts I use in my decals etc. but since you can't put links on there I figured this would be a lot easier for people.
Here are my top 5 fonts right now. I will of course probably have a new top 5 as I discover/new fonts are created and will list them under my "Top 5" category on the side.
I've put a link to every font listed and you can have a preview of each one on the linked page.

All but #5 are commercial use/paid fonts.

If you purchase any of the first 4 from The Hungry JPEG USE THIS COUPON CODE for 20% off your purchase when you check out. It's ONLY good for today though!!!


These are the font names and at the bottom of the post I've put the preview images with the link to where you can purchase/download again. The links will open in a new window if you want to go back and forth.

1. Heartbeat This is my go to font. If I am stuck on what font to use for a project I usually default back to this one. I love, love, love it! I would say most of my decals or projects have this font somewhere in it. I have a lot of fonts and have yet to find one that tops this...just sayin'

2. Lettres Douces This font is so cute and I love all the little swirls and curls. I actually purchased this one in Emily's Swirly Font Bundle which is a great deal if you don't have any of these already. You get 3 of her fantastic fonts for only a couple dollars more than the single one. :)

3. Adorn Pomandor Laura Worthington fonts are the fanciest most expensive fonts I've seen. I'm sure everyone's heard of her Samantha one. It's on my wishlist but I can't afford it right now. I only got this LW font because it was in a bundle for a great price. I would definitely stalk font bundle sites and anytime there's a Laura Worthington bundle GRAB it.

4. Fairwater Script Another Laura Worthington one. They cut great I'll post a photo below of some decals I did with this and her Adorn one.

5. Starfish Here is a freebee font from DaFont that I use a lot. The only downside is it's not a commercial use font if you are wanting to sell what you're making. I personally try and avoid non-commercial fonts so I don't have to worry about picking one accidently. This one was so cute though I couldn't resist. :)



..or the bundle of 4 which I would recommend.





Here is Samantha just in case you haven't seen it. It's amazing I want it so bad!


Here is an example of how the Laura Worthington fonts cut.


Here's an SVG of the Independence Day image if you want to test out cutting the fonts. I haven't tried it yet in my Silhouette so hopefully it will work. :)

Download IndependenceDayFonts


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