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Watercolor Vinyl Designing Supplies


I get asked this so much lately
"What do I need to make my own watercolor vinyl pattern"?

 It's so simple and really you can't go wrong with watercolor. It will look good cut into a design, you don't need any art skills, and it's simple!

You basically just need 3 things and you can find them all on Amazon.

Paper, Watercolor set, and watercolor brush.

If you are only going to make one and be done I wouldn't go all out. Just get one cheapo little paintbrush from Michaels/Hobby Lobby etc, and a cheap paint set and watercolor pad of paper.

If you want to make a few though (it's addicting and relaxing so you probably will) I would recommend getting the following:

Watercolor Pan Set
My main one I use is Prima Marketing Classics

Prima Marketing has a LOT of different watercolor sets. You may find you like the colors in another set more that's up to you. I just wanted basics since I had nothing to start with.

Next I got this set of paint brushes for a variety of sizes

Lastly, you need watercolor paper. It's important to make sure it's for watercolor otherwise it won't hold up. 
This is the one I use


That is all!! Get these 3 items or something similar and you can easily make yourself a watercolor vinyl pattern.
I'll do another post later this week or next weekend on tips for making it.

If you don't follow me from Instagram and don't know this you can have your own custom designs printed on adhesive and heat transfer vinyl from Sparkleberry Ink.


Magnets With Your Silhouette Cameo

I get asked a lot how I make my magnets with my Cameo so figured I would just do a little post about it instead of trying to explain it multiple times. :)

First of all this is how I do it. I do NOT use the "printable magnet paper" so mine has more steps to it. I never have tried the printable magnet paper and it may work great. I just bought my printer though and don't want to test out running magnet sheets through it.

I use adhesive magnet paper and adhesive cardstock
Premium Blade (optional)



I buy all my images from either Etsy or The Hungry JPEG
I'll do a post of my favorites soon.

First you need to download your graphics you want to use. I'm using some from Pretty Grafik's bundle.


You'll want to trace these images and use the "trace and detach" option.

With all of these files I always just need to move the threshold all the way to the right and it makes it a perfect trace.

Start a new page/project where you can put all your traced graphics on.

You need to pay attention to how these will cut to make magnets. Smooth shapes will work much better than details and squiggles. The graphics on the top are ones I need to offset the ones at the bottom are good to go.

The little monkey needed to be offset so I enlarged him so I could see better. You'll want to erase all those cut lines in the center too.

Keep going through all your graphics and organizing them at the bottom when they are fixed.

If you see a double cut on and image you need to ungroup, select the graphic, and then hit NO CUT. Make sure the offset is set to cut though. I've ruined some projects by missing this on a file.

Once you look it all over and your registration marks are on you can print it out on the Adhesive Cardstock from your home printer.

Once it's printed on the cardstock set it aside and load up your magnet paper in your Cameo (I change to the premium blade for magnet sheets). You want the white/adhesive side to be up the magnetic side down on your cutting mat.
REMOVE the registration marks and add a circle to cut at the bottom right. That circle is going to be your "test"

The image above has the settings I used. When it finishes cutting the magnet sheet DO NOT unload the mat!! This is really important. You need to see if that little circle will pop out. If it doesn't (which mine didn't) you need to send the project back through the cameo again. If you unload the mat and it didn't go through the magnet paper you will most likely not be able to line it up again to cut over where it already started. I only needed to run mine through twice.


Once these are all finished you can pop out a magnet and remove the paper exposing the adhesive side. Remove the sticker that goes with it and simply attach them together and you're done!

Tip: Print out on a regular sheet of paper first to make sure you have enough colored ink. I am low on brown/black since there are lines in the middle girls face and arms. Plus she's supposed to be a lot darker than she printed out.

Make some accessories: you can layer a magnet on top of these. Paper doll magnets anyone?

Having trouble with your Cameo reading register marks on print and cut projects? My Cameo is in a dark corner of a room so have to use my phones flashlight to light up the marks so it can read them.

Anyway I hope this helps. They seem time consuming but really are easy and fun. You could do a lot with them too like adhesive chalkboard paper and make yourself a little magnetic chore chart or grocery list. :)

If you have any questions or run into problems you can email me at STACILF @ GMAIL

Graphics used = Pretty Grafik