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I love getting a Moda box dropped off by the UPS guy. Today's box contained a couple fat eighth bundles of Zen Chic's Barcelona line which will be released in September. I had got these from Sample Spree but they were already out of stock on them and Moda must have just got them back in.

Although these are not really my colors I actually like this combination. I've seen some fun quilts out of it too.

This definitely has a "zen" feeling to it.

You can find these in my Etsy shop. I wasn't able to get the fabric line because it was sold out before I could meet with my Moda rep. so I am not putting it on my site.
Here are all the sample spree bundles I got from Moda's Fall lineup. I only kept a couple things for my own selfish needs.  :)


What else is new.... oh yeah Road 15 as usual is still consuming my fabric life. I am constantly creating new bundles out of it and can't stop playing in it.
Is there a new or old fabric line that you couldn't get enough of? I mean really could not stop using in EVERY.SINGLE.PROJECT. and couldn't stop talking about it or blogging about it? Please tell me I'm not alone.



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i love the colors of Barcelona too...not really my normal style....funny, but Sweetwaters Hometown falls into many of my projects...i can still find a few of their pieces cheaply around and honestly should pick some up!!
of course, you are not alone!!!

*Staci *

I am not sure what Hometown is I'll have to look it up. I just recently found out about Sweetwater so missed all their old lines. Of course they've posted their latest line coming out next year on their blog and I need it now too. :)

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