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Sunnyside Explosion

I'm really enjoying busting apart these fat eighth bundles from Moda and digging in all the prints.  The latest acquisition is Sunnyside by Kate Spain and although these are not my colors either (see Barcelona in last post) I really like them!
Not all of the Sunnyside prints are not my colors. I just don't particularly like orange, yellow, and green.

I am more into blue/purple these!


Here is my product photography photo taking in action. Normally I use natural light but this summer here in NC has not been so sunny. I've had to resort to plan B pretty much the past few OTT light!

So tomorrow I should finish up my Road 15 mini quilt and then I don't know what I will work on. I need to complete my hash-tag quilt but knowing me I'll probably start another project with some Sunnyside. :)



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All the prints are really attractive. Blue and purple colors are also my favorites. These Quilts are really value for money.

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