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Too Many Projects

and social media overload!
I really need to cut out some social media in my life. I have 2 blogs, Flickr and Instagram, FaceBook, Etsy, There's probably more I just can't think of it. Regardless I believe it's time to downsize. It's taking up TOO MUCH TIME.
As for the project part..yeah I've started way too many these past couple of weeks.
The downfall of having a fabric store is all the fabric at your disposal.
If I want to start a new quilt it's only a few steps away. Plus when I get charm packs or other fun precuts in the mail I can't help but to dig in and start sewing with them.

So I've got my hashtag quilt started, this mini quilt almost done, and another big quilt that I posted a few days ago that's in the baby stages right now.
Oh...and a quilt as you go tinker tote that I completely screwed up on so is in shreds in our living room.
My goal this week is to finish ONE at least ONE!

What about you? Do you get tired of all the social media there is? Do you have too many projects going on at once?


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